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Some days, I just don’t want to go to work.  And as I stand, waiting for the train, instead of looking down the tracks I look out at the road near where I live…I just want to go back.  Back to home.  Back to bed.  Sigh.


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We’re moving out in a couple of days…so had to bring home some boxes yesterday.  What a pain in the butt!

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There is a book seller who parks himself regularly by the train station…and I buy a cheap book (£3 or so) every few weeks.  He’s not asking for a handout, which I like, but for you to buy something and give what you can.  I usually bring the books back and give them to him to sell again.  My act of charity in London.

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As I wait to go home on the train, I always just look around.  Not much changes…

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This is what 9:30pm looks like in London right now.  So much light still left…

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When you shop at the supermarket for eggs, you certainly don’t tend to find feathers inside…but at a farmer’s market…yup, you most likely will!

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Don’t you just wish you could be a kid again?

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